Student Artwork

Below I proudly display my student’s artwork.  I have included examples from each of the four courses I currently teach at G. Ray Bodley High School in Fulton, NY, as well as examples of elementary artwork from a long-term substitute position I held at Caroline Elementary in Ithaca, NY.

High School Art

Foundations in Art (Beginner class for non-art majors)

Line Design DSC_0083 DSC_0045 Jenna Nick Hat Word

Studio in Art (Beginner class for art majors)

Scratch Board2 Scratch Board Megan1 David Weave Portrait1 Portrait Portrait Studio Mackenzie Foreshortening David Foreshortening Julia Charicature Jennifer Lawrence Charicature  LandscapeLanscape

Drawing & Painting (Advanced)

IMG_1083 Lina  IMG_1082 MeganReality Check DSC_0366 DSC_0367 Memory Project Stacey Hayley Cara Amanda

Advertising & Design (Advanced)

LH_Harborfest JP_harborfest  CT_Harborfest CC_Harborfest CB_Harborfest AC_Harborfest Print LH_logo JL_logo CB_Logo Symbol of Change a symbol of change  DSC_0157 IMG_0068

Elementary Art


Kind1 Kind2 Kind3

1st Grade

1st3 1st2 1st1

2nd Grade

2nd2 2nd3 2nd1

3rd Grade

3rd1 3rd2 3rd3

4th Grade

4th1 4th3 4th2

5th Grade

anya done Zoe done Alora done 5th1 5th2

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