When I show my students my artwork, I do it for many reasons.  I want them to be able to trust that I know what I am doing, I want them to see my passion for my subject, and most importantly, I want them to see that we all start in the same place.  This is why I show my art from the start. That’s right, some of my very first art pieces are displayed below for your viewing pleasure!

Already defeated, some of my students come into my classroom on our first day together and tell me, “I can’t draw.”  They have given up before they even gave me a try.   It is my goal to teach all of my students, especially these ones, that art is a discipline.  If you desire to get better at it, like I did, all you need to do is practice.

Elementary Art

Kindergarten Self Portrait Kindergarten Roscoe

Middle School Art

8th Grade Lion 8th Grade Landscape 8th Grade Bear

High School Art

High Sch Still-life Wallet - Copy High Sch Still-life Cards High Sch Self-Portrait

College Art

College Still-life 2 College Still-life - Copy College Portrait Keri - Copy

Recent Art: Paintings

Dominican Girl 2009 Tree with flowers 2010 - Copy Cassius 2009 Lab 2010 Bean 2013 - Copy Townsend Barn 2014

Recent Art: Graphic Design

Colorado Bride 2011 Invite Hole Punched JTP_513_PortraitCMYK JTP_513_GifLarge

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