Why I Am an Art Teacher

There is so much that I love about art.  I love that there are a myriad of different art forms and styles to meet any person’s individual palate.  I love learning about the time periods responsible for great movements in art and the social, political, and economic constructs behind them.  I love the individual story behind each work of art and how knowing gives you an even grander appreciation for its existence. I love the process of making art, the development of an idea within the imagination and its workings into its physical form. I love using my hands to partake in the great gift that is the creation of art.  I love admiring art not only for its beauty, but also for its emotional power.  This is why I am an artist.

I love teaching.  I love assigning a project and seeing how each individual student develops it into their own.  I love the distinct characteristics that make up each student and being a part of their growth as learners and as people.  I love the energy, the spirited hum of the classroom when it is in full working order.  Most importantly, I love the relationships that are built when students are given the freedom to use their creative voice.

I am an art teacher and this is why I love my job!